date location Venue others
Jan 30 Rochester, NY Penny Arcade Soilwork
Jan 31 Detroit, MI Harpo's Soilwork
Feb 2 Nashville, TN The Muse Soilwork
Feb 3 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits Soilwork
Feb 4 Petersburg, FL The Garage Soilwork
Feb 5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room Soilwork
Feb 6 Orlando, FL Backbooth Soilwork
Feb 7 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade Soilwork
Feb 8 Charleston, SC Music Farm Soilwork
Feb 9 Charlotte, NC Amos Southend Soilwork
May 3 Raleigh, NC Berkley Cafe Unknown
May 19 Springfield, VA Jaxx Candlemass
May 20 New York, NY B.B. Kings Candlemass
May 22 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom Candlemass
May 23 Cleveland, OH Peabody's Candlemass
May 24 Mokena, IL The Pearl Room Candlemass
May 25 St. Paul, MN Station 4 Candlemass
May 28 Seattle, WA Studio Seven Candlemass
May 29 Portland, OR Hawthorne Th.. Candlemass
May 30 San Francisco, CA Slim's Candlemass
May 31 San Marcos, CA Jumping Turtle Candlemass
June 1 Hollywood, CA Whiskey a Go Go Candlemass
June 3 Phoenix, AZ Brickhouse Candlemass
June 5 San Antonio, TX Scout Bar Candlemass
June 6 Houston, TX Scout Bar Candlemass
June 7 Ft. Worth, TX Lola's Saloon Candlemass
June 8 Nashville, TN The Muse Disarray

Apr. 25 Springfield, VA Jaxx Nov Doom/Saturnus

Nov. 19 Hartford, CT Webster Theater Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 18 Troy, NY Revolution Hall Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 17 Springfield, VA Jaxx Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 16 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 15 St. Petersburg, FL State Theater Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 13 Ft. Worth, TX Ridglea Theatre Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 12 Houston, TX Warehouse Live Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 11 San Antonio, TX The Sanctuary Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 10 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 9 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 6 Anaheim, CA House of Blues Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 5 Hollywood, CA Whiskey Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 4 Oakland, CA Metro Operahouse Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 3 Portland, OR The Gravity Room Moonspell/Katatonia
Nov. 2 Seattle, WA Studio Seven Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 31 Aurora, CO House of Rock Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 29 St. Paul, MN Station 4 Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 28 Mokena, IL Pearl Room Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 27 Detriot, MI IRock Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 26 Cleveland, OH Peabody's Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 25 Toronto, Canada The Opera House Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 24 Quebec City, Canada L'Imperial Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 23 Montreal, Canada The Medly Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 22 New York City, NY B.B Kings Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 21 Bedford, NH Mark's Place Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 20 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft Moonspell/Katatonia
Oct. 5 Raleigh, NC The Berkley Cafe Jonin
Jul. 14 New York City, NY B.B. Kings Emperor
Jul. 13 New York City, NY B.B. Kings Emperor
Jul. 11 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber Algol, Tides
May 6 Carborro, NC The Wetlands Legion, Soulprea..
Apr. 28 Danville, VA Plan B Worst Case Scen..
Mar. 30 Raleigh, NC The Berkley Cafe Unknown
Feb. 4 Springfield, VA Jaxx

Dec. 31 Raleigh, NC Tavern 11 Festival
Dec. 17 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre Soulpreacher
Oct. 22 Chapel Hill, NC Wetlands Legion of the Fallen
Feb. 27 Carborro, NC The Cats Cradle Festival
Jan. 28 Raleigh, NC Martin Street
Music Hall
June 6 Montreal, Canada Foufouness Katatonia
May 21 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre

Dec. 14 Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero Cannibal Corpse
Nov. 23 Richmond, VA 929 Cafe Mastodon
Nov. 14 Raleigh, NC The Brewery Unknown
Nov. 1 New York City, NY Downtime CMJ Festival
Oct. 20 Athens, GA Tight Pocket's Mastodon
Oct. 19 Atlanta, GA Starbar Mastodon
Oct. 12 Wilmington, NC Bessie's Unknown
Jun. 21 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy's Festival
Jun. 3 Cleveland, OH Agora Lacuna Coil
Jun. 2 Chicago, IL Metro Lacuna Coil
jun. 1 Columbus, OH The Billiard Club Premonitions..
May 31 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero Lacuna Coil
May 30 Springfield, VA Jaxx Lacuna Coil
May 29 Piitsburgh, PA Club Laga Lacuna Coil
May 28 Toronto, Canada The Upper Rocket Lacuna Coil
May 27 Montreal, Canada Foufounes Lacuna Coil
May 25 New York City, NY Knitting Factory Lacuna Coil
May 11 Utrecht, Netherlands Tivoli Katatonia
May 10 Gent, Belgium Eland Katatonia
May 9 London, UK ULU Katatonia
May 8 Bradford, UK Rio Katatonia
May 7 Glasgow, UK Cathouse Katatonia
May 6 Manchester, UK Bierkeller Katatonia
May 5 Dublin, Ireland Eamon Dorans Katatonia
May 4 Bristol, UK Bierkeller Katatonia
May 3 Nottingham, UK Rock City Katatonia

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