We're now confirmed to play the Indianapolis Metalfest, which will take place on September 26 and 27th. We hope some of you can make it out.

We'd like to extend a sincere thanks to everyone who came out and made last nights "Lost to the Living" CD release party so special. We had a great time playing one of the longest sets we've ever done.

The album is officially released in Europe on Tuesday due to the previously mentioned delay. You can always order it from us directly as well.

Lastly, a new web site and MySpace page are on the way soon under the Lost to the Living theme..


The European release of Lost to the Living has been delayed due to "unforseen difficulties" in printing. The new release date is July 14th. Please note this does NOT impact any order made from daylightdies.com. All orders from this web site are shipping immediately. The album will be available digitally starting tomorrow on iTunes.

Press release from Candlelight:

Due to unforeseen difficulties with the printing of the new Daylight Dies album 'Lost To The Living', Candlelight Records have regretfully had to postpone its UK & European release date until 14th July 2008. This difficult decision has been taken in order to ensure that the band's vision for their stunning new album is preserved, and to make sure it looks as good as it sounds!

'Lost To The Living' features captivatingly dark original artwork from renowned artist Travis Smith, who has worked with the band before and whose other previous collaborations include Opeth, Anathema & Katatonia!

With their new album, Daylight Dies have put forth the most mature and varied release of their career. The lush textures which were introduced with the previous album continue and are greatly expanded upon. Acoustic and clean guitars ride alongside heavy rhythms more prevalently than previously, creating a multi-layered sound saturated in atmosphere and depth. 'Lost to the Living' is a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect.

The release date for 'Lost To The Living' through sites such as itunes remains unaffected, and the album will be available for download from 30th June 2008.

CD RELEASE PARTY // june 23, 2008

It's been two weeks since we completed our U.S. tour with Candlemass. We had a fantastic but physically taxing time and have been spending the past two weeks recouperating. Thanks to all in Candlemass and the entire crew for great company and making it an enjoyable trip. We'd also like to thank everyone who came out to see and support us, we sincerely appreciate it.

We now have some copies of the "A Portrait in White" pre-release single for sale in the merch section and we offer a discount if you buy it with the new album "Lost to the Living". This single is limited to 1,000 copies.

"Lost to the Living" is officially released tomorrow. You can order the album or shirt directly from us if your local store isn't carrying it.

We are having a free CD release party for the album on July 12th at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC. We will perform numerous songs from the new album, as well as older material. Special guests Soulpreacher will also perform. The event is free of charge and open to all 18+. We expect this to be a special night and hope some of you can come join us.

CD Release Party

Pre-Order Lost to the Living CD and t-shirt // may 15, 2008

You can now pre-order our new album "Lost to the Living" along with a shirt for a combination deal, or order just the CD, or just the shirt. By pre-ordering from daylightdies.com, you are directly supporting the band -- thank you. All are available now on the merchandise page.

As you can imagine, we're in high gear getting all last minute things ready for the tour with Candlemass which begins on Monday. We've got a solid set list containing songs from No Reply, Dismantling Devotion and Lost to the Living. We can't wait to get out there and play our hearts out -- the moment draws near. See you on the road..

Limited single to be sold on tour // april 22, 2008

Time is drawing near to depart for our North American tour with Candlemass. We've made the transition from recording to rehearsing and are busy figuring out set lists and running order. We plan on playing a couple songs off of the new album "Lost to the Living" despite the fact it won't be released until shortly after the tour ends (June 24). While we most likely won't be able to sell the album during the tour, we've put together a limited single which will only be sold on the tour and directly through Candlelight, and on daylightdies.com if copies remain.

The single is entitled "A Portrait in White" and will contain the song of the same name from "Lost to the Living," and two rare demos: "Lies that Bind" (2004) and "I Wait" (2001) as well as the "Lies that Bind" video. The single will be strictly limited to 1,000 copies. Here is the cover:

A Portrait in White (single)

1. A Portrait in White (featured on Lost to the Living)
2. Lies that Bind (demo 2004)
3. I Wait (demo 2001)
+ Lies that Bind video

We will also be selling tour shirts with this artwork on tour and may have some available on daylightdies.com fairly shortly as well.

"Lost to the Living" is completely finished and everyone couldn't be happier with the result. We hope to share a sample with you before too long. The running order of the album is as follows:

1. Cathedral
2. A Portrait in White
3. A Subtle Violence
4. and a Slow Surrender
5. At a Loss
6. Woke up Lost
7. Descending
8. Last Alone
9. The Morning Light

Lost to the Living cover and final dates // march 5, 2008

As we speak our new album "Lost to the Living" is being mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. We are also nearing completion of the layout together with Travis Smith, which includes art and lyrics for every song. We went for a stark and dramatic approach this time: matte black paper, with stencil images in glossy black ink. Text logos in silver. Unfortunately it's impossible to properly render precisely what this will look like on a computer screen, so we've altered the cover below so the glossy black is a dark shade of grey, and the text/logo is a lighter shade of grey. Nevertheless, here's the cover of our new album:

Lost to the Living

The album will be released by Candlelight Records on June 24th and it will be available for pre-order on daylightdies.com before too long. We will be able to relay the proper running order shortly, but as mentioned previously, the song titles are: Cathedral, Descending, A Subtle Violence, And a Slow Surrender, Last Alone, Woke Up Lost, The Morning Light, At a Loss, A Portrait in White.

Lastly, we have the final tour dates for the Candlemass tour up in the concerts section.

Track listing and release date revealed // february 29, 2008

For Immediate Release

North Carolina-based Daylight Dies are readying themselves for a busy spring with their upcoming tour alongside Candlemass and release of their third album, Lost to the Living. The tour, set to kick off May 19, finds the band in direct support to the Swedish metal legends and represents their second national tour since signing with Candlelight Records in late 2005. The cross-country tour wraps up two weeks prior to the anticipated June 24 album release date.

In the final mixing process at Fascination Street Studios/Sweden by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Katatonia), Lost to the Living features nine new songs from the cherished doom metal band. Working with Travis Smith (Opeth, Soilwork, Katatonia) for the album's packaging, it promises to be another fan and critic favorite. Track listing as of press time (not actual running order) is Cathedral, Descending, A Subtle Violence, And a Slow Surrender, Last Alone, Woke Up Lost, The Morning Light, At a Loss, A Portrait in White.

"Everyone is taking a little time to catch their breath after working hard on bringing Lost to the Living to life," says Haff. "We've continued to refine the music up until the last minute it was recorded and we all feel confident this is the strongest album we've made. As stated previously, the material is a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect from us. After an exhausting recording process, the one thing on all of our minds is the upcoming tour. We can't wait."

Latest tour dates can be viewed in the concerts section.

Recording finished, mixing to begin soon// february 25, 2008

We've wrapped up the recording session for "Lost to the Living", and Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios will begin mixing it in a couple of weeks. Very shortly we'll be able to announce the release date, album cover and complete track listing. Travis Smith (working closely with the band) is nearly finished with all the artwork.

In tour news, a couple new dates have been added to the Candlemass tour. Check the concerts section for details.

"Lost to the Living" nearly complete // january 27, 2008

The end of the recording sessions for our new album "Lost to the Living" draws near. Barre and Egan worked solid hammering out the clean guitar and bass guitar the past few weeks and Egan finished up his clean vocal duties a few days ago as well. Atmospherics such as subtle keys are also finished, leaving only a few bowed bass sections and Nathan's vocals remaining. Shortly after we'll send the material to Jens Bogren at Fascintion Street Studios in Sweden who will spend about 8 days mixing and mastering the material. Everyone is pleased to hear the album finally coming closer to the final form. View a short video containing odds and ends from recent studio sessions below.

We expect final dates and details regarding the Candlemass tour in May/June to trickle in soon. As soon as we hear anything new, we'll pass that along.

Studio update, more tour dates added // december 24, 2007

Progress continues to be brisk in our recording of "Lost to the Living." The drums, acoustic guitars and rhythm guitars are now completely done. Everyone is taking a short break for the holidays and will be ready to take on the layers of lead, clean and solo guitars in the start of the new year. We've posted another short video and a few pictures from us fooling around in the studio the past couple weeks.

Tour dates continue to trickle in for our May/June 2008 tour with Candlemass. Dates in San Francisco and Houston are now added with more to follow.

Advanced tickets can be purchased here.

Tour confirmed for 2008, recording update // december 19, 2007

We're proud to confirm we will be support for the legendary Swedish band Candlemass on the North American tour taking place in May/June 2008. The tour kicks off May 19th and continues until early June. We've posted the confirmed dates in the concerts section. More dates will be added as they are confirmed. Needless to say we're counting the days until the tour begins, and are looking forward to performing out guts out across the U.S. This tour provides an opportunity to play songs off our new album "Lost to the Living," which Candlelight has slotted for a late June 2008 release.

Advanced tickets can be purchased here.

In recording news, drums, acoustic guitras and a solid chunk of the rhythm guitars are now completed. Barre and Egan continue to slave away in TMC Laboratories making steady progress. We'll be posting more pictures and video from the recording session this weekend, so check back.

"lost to the living" recording begins // december 10, 2007

We began recording our third full length album on Saturday at Volume 11 studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. The title of the third album will be "Lost to the Living" with some song titles being "The Morning Light", "Cathedral" and "Last Alone". Thankfully we've escaped any major technical dilemmas and Jesse has already completed tracking drums to 5 songs. We anticipate the drums to be finished on Tuesday and then moving the operation to TMC Laboratories to begin recording the massive layers of guitars sometime next week. We've posted a few photos from the past two days, as well as a short video which includes Jesse tracking drums to scratch guitars. We will be announcing more song titles, a release date for the album and address the tour rumors shortly.. stay tuned.

writing complete // november 19, 2007

We're pleased to announce that all songs for our third album have been written. This includes eight songs that add up to roughly 50 minutes in length. This is our most varied and dynamic effort, with simultaneously our meanest and our most fragile songs to date. We're especially proud of this album, as it's certainly our best. As stated previously, the material is a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect. We're still refining lyrics, but two song titles will be "The Morning Light" and "Cathedral". We'll divulge more titles, including the album title in the near future. We enter the studio in a bit under 3 weeks.

In other news, we've setup a Daylight Dies Facebook page, which all users of this service are encouraged to use. Go to the page and click "Add to my Music" to add us to your profile. We'll also have the popular Dismantling Devotion "All we Had" shirts in stock in all sizes within about a week, but you can order one now in the merchandise section.

studio booked // october 15, 2007

At last we can share a few tangible updates regarding the new material. We will begin recording our third full length album the second week of December and on into January. We're pleased to announce Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro Sweden will once again helm the boards for the mix and master. The material itself will continue to be written and refined up until the last second. Some song titles and more details are next..

studio booked // october 15, 2007

At last we can share a few tangible updates regarding the new material. We will begin recording our third full length album the second week of December and on into January. We're pleased to announce Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro Sweden will once again helm the boards for the mix and master. The material itself will continue to be written and refined up until the last second. Some song titles and more details are next..

demoing new songs // july 4, 2007

We now are forging past the halfway mark of the new album and decided to demo a couple songs this past weekend for perspective. The new songs thus far consist of a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect. We have no song titles or further details to announce yet, but we will be able to reveal more details as progress continues. Below are a couple photos from the recent demo session.

video of making beer and other misdeeds // april 16, 2007

In February we (together with friend Alejandro Nogales) spent a couple weekends making, then bottling, then consuming a third batch of Daylight Dies beer. Other activities included drinking imported absinthe and nearly burning down the backyard of guitarist Barre Gambling. We documented most of it and threw it together in this four minute video.

noise violation citation // march 27, 2007

It looks like the Raleigh police didn't like the sound of our new material. Take a look. Text:

Emit any unreasonably loud, annoying and disturbing noise. RCC 12-5006.

one off show in april // march 5, 2007

We will be playing a one off show together with Saturnus and Novembers Doom on April 25th at Jaxx in Springfield Virginia. We're looking forward to taking a brief break from writing to play this special show, our first for 2007.

writing for new album underway // february 16, 2007

Writing for the next Daylight Dies album has been underway since the end of our North American tour in November. We've got about two songs already and intend to continue focusing hard on writing in an attempt to be in the studio before the end of this year. It's too early to tell where the album is headed, but the material thus far is as you'd expect - dark and dramatic.

In other news, we headed up to DC to create a third batch of Daylight Dies beer with our friend Alejandro Nogales in January. This time it'll be a Belgian Trippel. We head back next week to bottle and should have videos or pictures to share.

tour diary, new tour video, video on mtv // december 11, 2006

As previously promised, a tour diary written during our recent North American tour, complete with some photos, is now online for all to see. View it here.

Our friend Jeff Brubaker (who is responsible for the photos in the Dismantling Devotion layout) took a few fantastic live photos of the Springfield, Virginia date of the tour. You can view those photos here.

We have also been told our video for the song "Lies that Bind" was officially accepted by MTV2 for airplay! We have not been told airdates as of yet. Several people have told us it's been on VH1 a couple times already. We'll relay any new information on this as details come our way.

Last, but certainly not least, we've edited together another video from the tour. In this video, members of Daylight Dies and Katatonia pariticpate in a ritual known only as the "ICE BANG," backstage after the last show of the tour. Enjoy.

(video also available on YouTube)

new merchandise now online // december 2, 2006

Just a quick update to announce that the left over tour merchandise is now available in the merchandise section. You'll find a new 'All we Had' t-shirt, as well as a new Girlie shirt. I've also replaced all shirt images to actual photographs.

An exciting announcement will be made in a couple of days, so check back for that. Also on the way is the tour diary, new live photos from the tour and, hopefully, more video.

THE RETURN // november 28, 2006

Last week we safely returned home after a month long North American tour with Moonspell and Katatonia. Our small van traveled all corners of the U.S. and several dates northward into Canada, adding up to over 11,000 miles in total. The countless experiences we had on the tour are transformed into unforgettable memories and we thank those of you who came out to see us for being part of them. You are what keeps us going. Additional thanks to our friends in Moonspell and Katatonia, along with Andrew, Manuel and Scotty. We will get left over tour merchandise online within the next couple of days.

We do have a tour diary, laying around somewhere. Until we get that together, enjoy this video we shot on the last date of the tour in Hartford, Connecticut. Most members of Daylight Dies and Katatonia decide to invade the stage during Moonspell's last song, resulting in the video below. As for an explanation of 'Dead Mumia', you'll have to accept 'you had to be there' for now!

(video also available on YouTube)

departure // october 18, 2006

Today we depart for our first ever full North American tour. We are extremely excited we finally get an opportunity to support Dismantling Devotion and hopefully introduce the album and the band to many new ears. Of course we're also thrilled we're part of such a magnificent tour package featuring Moonspell and Katatonia - a solid tour any fan of dark metal will appreciate. We plan on keeping a diary of events in both words, pictures and video to share with all at a later date. We look forward to embracing a cool Autumn night with you all soon.

tour draws near // september 19, 2006

One month and one day from now will be the first date of our North American tour in support of "Dismantling Devotion," alongside Moonspell and Katatonia. We've shifted gears into rehearsing a setlist and preparing all the logistics for this month long, 11,000 mile journey mostly confined to a small van. We are exceedingly looking forward to sharing these songs with all of you and for the adventures which lay ahead. You are strongly encouraged to double check the tour dates as several venues and cities have changed recently. Please check back as more minor changes are possible.

A couple new t-shirt and girlie shirt designs are now being printed. If you're unable to get one at a show, leftovers will be available for purchase upon our completion of the tour in late November.

writing until the tour begins // august 11, 2006

The first few notes of new material are now being written and arranged. We think the best use of our time between now and our North American tour in late October is to write. It takes us a considerable amount of time to construct material we are personally satisfied with and writing on the road isn't an option for us. We want to begin the process now and pick it up after touring to avoid extreme delays before the next album. The first bit of material is still in it's infancy, so a description of what it sounds like wouldn't be accurate in the end.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to check out our first music video for the song "Lies that Bind". It's now available on MySpace, YouTube, and as Quicktime downloads (right click and choose "save link as") in highest (100mb), medium (70mb), or low quality (30mb).

watch the lies that bind video // august 9, 2006

We are proud to finally premiere our first video for the song "Lies that Bind" off our new album Dismantling Devotion. The video was recorded on a scorching hot day a couple weeks ago in a filthy abandoned building complex and an old wooden salt-mine platform. We think director Ramon Boutviseth did a beautiful job bringing the song into visual form. Hope you enjoy it.

Watch the video on YouTube, or download it as a high quality Quicktime video file. Download (right click and choose "save link as") in highest (100mb), medium (70mb), or low quality (30mb).

reflection on emperor dates // july 16, 2006

We returned home late last night from our adventure up north, in which we were support for Emperor in two sold out gigs at B.B. Kings in New York City. The shows and everything surrounding them far exceeded our expectations. The atmosphere was intense and thick with anticipation -- everyone in the band was thankful for such incredible responses both nights. Nathan and Jesse were in the studio with Ihsahn for an hour long program called "Bloody Roots" on Hard Attack (Sirius Radio). While the program was solely focused on Emperor and their history, Nathan and Jesse discussed up-coming plans for Daylight Dies and chimed in a couple times during the interview. It will be airing a couple times this coming week.

Sincere thanks to Paula Hogan and everyone at Candlelight Records, Ihsahn and all in Emperor, the B.B. Kings staff and most of all everyone who came out to partake in such a special night.

The video for "Lies that Bind" will most likely be completed within the coming week or two. We will make it available on this web site as soon as we have it.

Lastly, there is a full page feature on Daylight Dies in the latest issue of Unrestrained Magazine.

new york city next week, video completed // july 3, 2006

Everyone in Daylight Dies is greatly looking forward to next week, in which we'll travel northward for two sure-to-be memorable nights at B.B. Kings in New York City's Time Square with Emperor (July 13 & 14). As previously mentioned, we'll also be playing a warm-up show in Philadelphia at The Kyber on the 11th. In other live news, the majority of the dates for the North American tour with Moonspell and Katatonia have been confirmed and are in the concerts section of this page. We cannot wait for this tour to begin -- it's certainly not one to miss. It has been dubbed the "Nocturnal Mourning Tour" by the tours sponsor, Decibel Magazine.

We spent a scorching hot and humid weekend filming the video for "Lies that Bind" recently in abandoned building complex a few hours from here. The filming included playing inside a filthy and decaying room, entire walls on fire and lasted until 1 or 2 in the morning, where we played outdoors on a wrickety wooden platform above an old salt mine. The narrative segments of the video were filmed the following day. We've recently seen a very short rough clip of the video and are all blown away by what director Ramon Boutviseth is bringing to life. The amount of work that has gone into this is far beyond what anyone initially imagined and by all early accounts will yield something very special. A short 'behind the scenes' video is available for your viewing on YouTube and will be added to the site in near future. Please note it doesn't contain any footage from the actual video and only contains footage from the first day of filming.

Lastly, there is a three page feature of Daylight Dies in the September edition of Metal Maniacs magazine, which should be out now.

north american tour announcement // june 12, 2006

We are proud to be able to finally announce details regarding the North American tour for Dismantling Devotion. We will be hitting the road between October 20th and November 19th with two incredible bands: Portugal's Moonspell and Sweden's Katatonia. We couldn't be more pleased to be part of such a fantastic tour package which will cover all corners of the continent.

The initial batch of confirmed dates are available in the concerts section. Please note there are many more dates still to be announced, so check back often if you don't see a date close to you at this time.

major announcement soon, video to be made // may 25, 2006

Within the next week, we will have a major announcement regarding a complete North American tour -- our first in support of Dismantling Devotion. Those of you who regularly read online music news sites may already know some basics about this, but we've decided to wait until we have some confirmed specifics before announcing it here.

We have added a gig in Philadelphia at the Kyber on July 11th -- two days before the Emperor shows in New York City. It's not clear who else will be on the bill at this time.

In other news, we have decided to make an attempt at a video for the song "Lies that Bind" off "Dismantling Devotion". Obviously we're an underground band with an extremely limited budget, but we think an artful and abstract moody video has a chance of capturing the vibe of the song in images. We'll most likely be shooting this sometime in June, but it's unclear at this time when it will be finished. It will be directed by Ramon Boutviseth.

warm reception continues, band looks ahead // april 2, 2006

Wonderful reviews continue to stream in over our new album, "Dismantling Devotion". We hope the recent features and reviews in numerous magazines world wide are slowly but surely exposing Daylight Dies to an expanding audience. Keep an eye out for a 15 second MTV2 spot will air on April 15th during headbangers ball promoting the album.

Daylight Dies wishes to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to those who turned out to our release party, and especially to Alejandro Nogales who made everything happen. As anyone who attended knows, we definitely "enjoyed" the experience (maybe a little too much).

Late Summer is looking like the most likely timeframe for a U.S. tour in support of "Dismantling Devotion". Individuals at Candlelight and elsewhere are hard at work on the details and we're looking forward to announcing more information once specifics become confirmed.

Lastly, we are sincerely flattered by all those who continue to express what "Dismantling Devotion" has meant to them. It's rewarding to read and we thank you for sharing your sentiments.

dismantling devotion released // March 13, 2006

It's been a long time coming. Over three years since the release of our debut album have passed. All sorts of drama had been unfolding at a steady and unrelenting pace during our hiatus. Thankfully, all persevered despite various set backs to arrive with a new record label and -- finally -- our sophomore full-length album. We've put our hearts into the songs on Dismantling Devotion and feel we've created the most most mature and darkest songs of our career. As one would expect from Daylight Dies, it's a both an expression and catharsis of sincere emotion and we're looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

Speaking of which, our good friend Alejandro Nogales has arranged a Dismantling Devotion CD release party in Washington D.C on April 1st. This is no April fools joke. We'll have a private room, private bar & bar-tender, and total control over the audio and video. Everyone is invited and encouraged to make the trip if possible. It's free to attend. Read more detailed information here. You can RSVP on MySpace as well.

You are highly encouraged to purchase the Dismantling Devotion CD and t-shirts directly from this web site. By doing so, you're directly supporting the band so we can continue to do what we do. You can find everything we have to offer in the merchandise section of the web site.

As you may have heard, we will be opening for the legendary Emperor in New York City on July 13 and 14. Contrary to some rumors, Daylight Dies will not be on the LA shows. Regardless, we're extremely honored to take part in these two historic gigs. Unfortunately no extended tour has been confirmed as of yet, but we all desperately want to hit the road and share our songs with everyone. Hopefully something will materialize in the near future -- and when it does -- we'll let you know right here.

Last but not least, welcome to our new web site. Jesse has been toiling over it for the past couple weeks and we hope it's both intuitive to use while capturing a bit of the mood from our new album. A big thanks to Rickard Lundberg for the Flash programming of the header. You can instantly stream two full songs off our new album by hitting play. Note these are in very low quality and will stop playing if you go to another page. So spend some time, take a look around the new web site (we'll be adding more content in the near future) -- and before you leave, please sign the guestbook.