Writing complete

We're pleased to announce that all songs for our third album have been written. This includes eight songs that add up to roughly 50 minutes in length. This is our most varied and dynamic effort, with simultaneously our meanest and our most fragile songs to date. We're especially proud of this album, as it's certainly our best. As stated previously, the material is a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect. We're still refining lyrics, but two song titles will be "The Morning Light" and "Cathedral". We'll divulge more titles, including the album title in the near future. We enter the studio in a bit under 3 weeks.

In other news, we've setup a Daylight Dies Facebook page, which all users of this service are encouraged to use. Go to the page and click "Add to my Music" to add us to your profile. We'll also have the popular Dismantling Devotion "All we Had" shirts in stock in all sizes within about a week, but you can order one now in the merchandise section.

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