Tour confirmed for 2008, recording update

We're proud to confirm we will be support for the legendary Swedish band Candlemass on the North American tour taking place in May/June 2008. The tour kicks off May 19th and continues until early June. We've posted the confirmed dates in the concerts section. More dates will be added as they are confirmed. Needless to say we're counting the days until the tour begins, and are looking forward to performing out guts out across the U.S. This tour provides an opportunity to play songs off our new album "Lost to the Living," which Candlelight has slotted for a late June 2008 release.

Advanced tickets can be purchased here.

In recording news, drums, acoustic guitras and a solid chunk of the rhythm guitars are now completed. Barre and Egan continue to slave away in TMC Laboratories making steady progress. We'll be posting more pictures and video from the recording session this weekend, so check back.

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