The return

Last week we safely returned home after a month long North American tour with Moonspell and Katatonia. Our small van traveled all corners of the U.S. and several dates northward into Canada, adding up to over 11,000 miles in total. The countless experiences we had on the tour are transformed into unforgettable memories and we thank those of you who came out to see us for being part of them. You are what keeps us going. Additional thanks to our friends in Moonspell and Katatonia, along with Andrew, Manuel and Scotty. We will get left over tour merchandise online within the next couple of days.

We do have a tour diary, laying around somewhere. Until we get that together, enjoy this video we shot on the last date of the tour in Hartford, Connecticut. Most members of Daylight Dies and Katatonia decide to invade the stage during Moonspell's last song, resulting in the video below. As for an explanation of 'Dead Mumia', you'll have to accept 'you had to be there' for now!

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