Reflection on Emperor dates

We returned home late last night from our adventure up north, in which we were support for Emperor in two sold out gigs at B.B. Kings in New York City. The shows and everything surrounding them far exceeded our expectations. The atmosphere was intense and thick with anticipation -- everyone in the band was thankful for such incredible responses both nights. Nathan and Jesse were in the studio with Ihsahn for an hour long program called "Bloody Roots" on Hard Attack (Sirius Radio). While the program was solely focused on Emperor and their history, Nathan and Jesse discussed up-coming plans for Daylight Dies and chimed in a couple times during the interview. It will be airing a couple times this coming week.

Sincere thanks to Paula Hogan and everyone at Candlelight Records, Ihsahn and all in Emperor, the B.B. Kings staff and most of all everyone who came out to partake in such a special night.

The video for "Lies that Bind" will most likely be completed within the coming week or two. We will make it available on this web site as soon as we have it.

Lastly, there is a full page feature on Daylight Dies in the latest issue of Unrestrained Magazine.

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