Look back at our debut album

Great look back on our debut album 11 years after it's release by 666 Days of Metal. He links to the song Minutes Pass, which is also one our favorites from the album:

"If you’re a fan of just amazingly textured and oppressive doom metal I highly suggest you give this album a go."

Read the review.

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Custom Daylight Dies guitar and bass

Barre and Egan recently acquired a gorgeous custom guitar and bass from Roscoe Guitars. Barre's Roscoe, his first, contains the Daylight Dies symbol inlayed on the fretboard and a beautiful black stain finish. Egan's Roscoe is the latest and greatest addition to his collection of Roscoe basses, and contains a similar finish. View photos here.

Lastly -- happy new year! In 2012 we recorded and released our fourth album, A Frail Becoming, and have been rewarded by overwhelmingly fantastic reviews from the press and fans alike. Your can directly support the band by buying CDs or shirts via the Merchandise page on this website.

See you in 2013... 

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Ghosting vocal cover

A great vocal cover of "Ghosting" just came to our attention. We're honored! Watch and listen:

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A Frail Becoming reviewed by AllMusic.com

Another great review by the highly influential AllMusic.com:

"[Daylight Dies] reassert their mastery over the conflicting emotions ... delivering music on par with any global-spanning competitor, and arguably beyond anything accomplished before in America. Yes, A Frail Becoming is that good! 4/5." - Eduardo Rivadavia

Read the full review.

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Blistering.com picks their top 10 Daylight Dies songs

Blistering.com picked their top 10 Daylight Dies songs and asked Nathan, Egan, Barre and Jesse to provide their own commentary. Thanks to Blistering for something fun and different!

Figuring that a normal Q&A wouldn't suffice, we are celebrating the release of Daylight Dies' fourth album A Frail Becoming by compiling a list of our favorite DD songs, then having the band respond in kind with their comments and recollections. For a band that is only four albums and one EP into their career, the lists were easy to compile; placing them in their rightful order was a different story. However, resident DD know-it-all Matthew Bowling and I were up to task, willing to subject ourselves to prolonged stints indoors, with the drapes closed, candles lit, and incense burning, just to get these lists just right (that didn't happen, but would be awesome if it did).

Read the full article.

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A Frail Becoming is out!

The day is finally here! A Frail Becoming is finally out and ready for you to absorb it as a whole. The best way you can support us is by ordering the CD and/or shirt from this website, but if you don't use CDs you can download it from iTunes

Here's what the music press are saying about the album so far:

"At their best, Daylight Dies are all about contrasts. Mournful guitar melodies are countered by crushing fuerneal riffs, harsh vocal growls are juxtaposed with smooth, clean crooning. The way darkness and light play off each other on this album is quietly sublime..." - Decibel

"This is the album longtime Daylight Dies fans knew they were capable of writing. 4.5/5" - About.com

"The album just simply slays any way you slice it, but for death/doom fanatics, this may be 'Top Five of the Year' material. 4/5" - Metal Underground

"...the sharpness and force in the execution of what the band does is tremendous, I couldn’t have asked for a better release to kick off the autumn season with. 8.5/10" - Blistering

"While the Daylight Dies formula remains unmolested by time and passing trends, the production and musicianship have been infinitely refined... 9.75/10" - Metal Curse

"...hearing it once simply will not do, leaving you wanting another round of music-driven emotional abuse that will drive you crazy until that next dismal fix. 9.5/10" - Apoch's Metal Review

"We can only the band keeps delivering albums like these... 91/100" - Infernal Masquerade

"...a potent album that speaks to the best of what the band is capable of, and it’s flexible enough to pull in some new converts along the way. 4/5" - Metal Rules
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Dreaming of Breathing video

Today we're proud to premiere the video for the song Dreaming of Breathing off our new album A Frail Becoming. The narrative segments were all filmed in Malibu, California, while the band shots were filmed during a swealtering hot day this past summer in North Carolina. We'd like to thank the immensely talented Ramon Boutviseth who directed the video. 

Also, welcome to the new website. We're missing several segments (our biography, media, videos, etc.), but they will come within the next week or so. Cheers!

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Decibel Magazine premieres the new song "Infidel"

Put on your headphones and crank up the volume -- today Decibel Magazine premieres the song "Infidel"  off our upcoming album "A Frail Becoming". Egan O'Rourke also chimes in about the new album and much more:

Listen to Infidel and read the interview here.

"A Frail Becoming" will be released October 9, 2012 on Candlelight Records.

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New album confirmed for October 9 release

We're finally able to make three big announcements todaycover artwork, release date, and a music video.

First, the cover artwork. All photos in the layout were taken by award-winning photographer Jonathan Mehring:

Daylight Dies: A Frail Becoming

A Frail Becoming will be released on October 9, 2012 by Candlelight Records.

More details, including the music video below:

Candlelight Records today confirms October 9 as the North American release date for DAYLIGHT DIES'€™ new album, A Frail Becoming. Mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia, Devin Townsend), the album features photography from award-winning Jonathan Mehring and packaging design by Agni Kaster. The release of A Frail Becoming silences a nearly four-year writing gap from the quintet.

"A Frail Becoming is an album which, at many times during its creation, felt as if it may never be realized,"€ states drummer Jesse Haff. "As each of our lives proceeded down different paths, the challenges and obstacles we faced felt daunting and at times impassible. Out of this struggle we forged ahead, determined to write the best collection of music we've ever created. Thankfully our perseverance prevailed and A Frail Becoming stands as the most accomplished and varied album of our career."

Recording of A Frail Becoming commenced late 2011. Bassist/vocalist Egan O'€™Rourke coordinated capturing individual performances of Haff, guitarists Barre Gambling and Charley Shackelford, and vocalist Nathan Ellis. By year'€™s end, the raw tracks were ready for Bogren'€™s impressive and critical touches. Haff notes, "€œWhile still sounding distinctly Daylight Dies, each songs stands independently on its own, uncompromisingly representing a reflection of the moment in time they were each born in. Expect beautiful and haunting guitar-driven dark metal, enveloped by a wall of rhythms and textures one minute, and deeply expressive guitar leads, solos and acoustic passages the next."

Formed in Asheville, North Carolina circa 1996, DAYLIGHT DIES found an immediate and continually growing fanbase starting with the release of their debut EP Idle (2000). Decibel Magazine describes the band’s musical offering as, "€œa lot like spinning Anathema'€™s The Silent Enigma, Katatonia’s Discouraged Ones and The Cure’s Pornography at the same time.” Blabbermouth notes, “their switch from harsh and anguished vocals to airy, Opeth-esque clean vocal works magnificently to grab the listener's attention and give one pause for reflection on the beauty within." After releasing one album for Relapse Records (No Reply, 2002), DAYLIGHT DIES signed to England’s Candlelight Records in late 2005. The band has since released two acclaimed recordings (Dismantling Devotion, Lost To The Living), performed with labelmates Emperor to two capacity New York City shows, toured North America twice (alongside Moonspell and Katatonia 2006 and direct support to Candlemass 2008), and now ready for the autumn release and anticipated early 2013 tour.

A Frail Becoming Track Listing:

1. Infidel
2. The Pale Approach
3. Sunset
4. Dreaming of Breathing
5. A Final Vestige
6. Ghosting
7. Hold On To Nothing
8. Water’s Edge
9. An Heir to Emptiness

DAYLIGHT DIES is currently working on a video for the song "Dreaming of Breathing." The clip is being filmed by Ramon Boutviseth, who also directed "Lies That Bind,"€ a video filmed shortly after the release of 2006'€™s Dismantling Devotion.

"€œFew bands change the color of a room so effectively... somber and smart."€ - Invisible Oranges
"€œDAYLIGHT DIES can easily hold their own with genre veterans Paradise Lost, Opeth, and Katatonia. When a band can do that while still maintaining their own identity, it is something to behold." - Teeth of the Divine
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We're pleased to finally announce the fourth studio Daylight Dies album will be titled A Frail Becoming. The album is currently being mixed in Sweden by the fantastic Jens Bogren (who was also responsible for mixing Dismantling Devotion and Lost to the Living). 

Song titles, in no particular order:

- The Pale Approach
- Dreaming of Breathing
- Ghosting
- Infidel
- Sunset
- Hold on to Nothing
- An Heir to Emptiness
- A Final Vestige

We've crossed mountains both personally and creatively in the path of creating A Frail Becoming, and we're exceptionally proud of the result. It is by far the most mature and diverse collection of music we've created.

We'll have another update once the mixing is complete and the album artwork is completed.
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