Major announcement soon, video to be made

Within the next week, we will have a major announcement regarding a complete North American tour -- our first in support of Dismantling Devotion. Those of you who regularly read online music news sites may already know some basics about this, but we've decided to wait until we have some confirmed specifics before announcing it here.

We have added a gig in Philadelphia at the Kyber on July 11th -- two days before the Emperor shows in New York City. It's not clear who else will be on the bill at this time.

In other news, we have decided to make an attempt at a video for the song "Lies that Bind" off "Dismantling Devotion". Obviously we're an underground band with an extremely limited budget, but we think an artful and abstract moody video has a chance of capturing the vibe of the song in images. We'll most likely be shooting this sometime in June, but it's unclear at this time when it will be finished. It will be directed by Ramon Boutviseth.

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