Limited single to be sold on tour

Time is drawing near to depart for our North American tour with Candlemass. We've made the transition from recording to rehearsing and are busy figuring out set lists and running order. We plan on playing a couple songs off of the new album "Lost to the Living" despite the fact it won't be released until shortly after the tour ends (June 24). While we most likely won't be able to sell the album during the tour, we've put together a limited single which will only be sold on the tour and directly through Candlelight, and on if copies remain.

The single is entitled "A Portrait in White" and will contain the song of the same name from "Lost to the Living," and two rare demos: "Lies that Bind" (2004) and "I Wait" (2001) as well as the "Lies that Bind" video. The single will be strictly limited to 1,000 copies. Here is the cover:

A Portrait in White single

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