European release delayed

The European release of Lost to the Living has been delayed due to "unforseen difficulties" in printing. The new release date is July 14th. Please note this does NOT impact any order made from All orders from this web site are shipping immediately. The album will be available digitally starting tomorrow on iTunes.

Press release from Candlelight:

Due to unforeseen difficulties with the printing of the new Daylight Dies album 'Lost To The Living', Candlelight Records have regretfully had to postpone its UK & European release date until 14th July 2008. This difficult decision has been taken in order to ensure that the band's vision for their stunning new album is preserved, and to make sure it looks as good as it sounds!'Lost To The Living' features captivatingly dark original artwork from renowned artist Travis Smith, who has worked with the band before and whose other previous collaborations include Opeth, Anathema & Katatonia!

With their new album, Daylight Dies have put forth the most mature and varied release of their career. The lush textures which were introduced with the previous album continue and are greatly expanded upon. Acoustic and clean guitars ride alongside heavy rhythms more prevalently than previously, creating a multi-layered sound saturated in atmosphere and depth. 'Lost to the Living' is a mix of beautiful melancholic leads and harsh dissonant rhythms; despair driven hooks and the overall dark atmosphere you've come to expect.The release date for 'Lost To The Living' through sites such as itunes remains unaffected, and the album will be available for download from 30th June 2008.

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