picks their top 10 Daylight Dies songs picked their top 10 Daylight Dies songs and asked Nathan, Egan, Barre and Jesse to provide their own commentary. Thanks to Blistering for something fun and different!

Figuring that a normal Q&A wouldn't suffice, we are celebrating the release of Daylight Dies' fourth album A Frail Becoming by compiling a list of our favorite DD songs, then having the band respond in kind with their comments and recollections. For a band that is only four albums and one EP into their career, the lists were easy to compile; placing them in their rightful order was a different story. However, resident DD know-it-all Matthew Bowling and I were up to task, willing to subject ourselves to prolonged stints indoors, with the drapes closed, candles lit, and incense burning, just to get these lists just right (that didn't happen, but would be awesome if it did).

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    I liked the text. See the best videos of Lucas Trentino that talks about the Optmemory this is the link
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    Thank you
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