A Frail Becoming is out!

The day is finally here! A Frail Becoming is finally out and ready for you to absorb it as a whole. The best way you can support us is by ordering the CD and/or shirt from this website, but if you don't use CDs you can download it from iTunes

Here's what the music press are saying about the album so far:

"At their best, Daylight Dies are all about contrasts. Mournful guitar melodies are countered by crushing fuerneal riffs, harsh vocal growls are juxtaposed with smooth, clean crooning. The way darkness and light play off each other on this album is quietly sublime..." - Decibel

"This is the album longtime Daylight Dies fans knew they were capable of writing. 4.5/5" - About.com

"The album just simply slays any way you slice it, but for death/doom fanatics, this may be 'Top Five of the Year' material. 4/5" - Metal Underground

"...the sharpness and force in the execution of what the band does is tremendous, I couldn’t have asked for a better release to kick off the autumn season with. 8.5/10" - Blistering

"While the Daylight Dies formula remains unmolested by time and passing trends, the production and musicianship have been infinitely refined... 9.75/10" - Metal Curse

"...hearing it once simply will not do, leaving you wanting another round of music-driven emotional abuse that will drive you crazy until that next dismal fix. 9.5/10" - Apoch's Metal Review

"We can only the band keeps delivering albums like these... 91/100" - Infernal Masquerade

"...a potent album that speaks to the best of what the band is capable of, and it’s flexible enough to pull in some new converts along the way. 4/5" - Metal Rules

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  • commented 2016-07-04 15:42:33 -0400
    Very great this site hehe! See the beast video of Lucas Trentino, that talks about of Lift Intense! This is link for the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq0rn5SDsoA
  • commented 2013-11-24 09:10:00 -0500
    TY :)
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