"Lost to the Living" nearly complete

The end of the recording sessions for our new album "Lost to the Living" draws near. Barre and Egan worked solid hammering out the clean guitar and bass guitar the past few weeks and Egan finished up his clean vocal duties a few days ago as well. Atmospherics such as subtle keys are also finished, leaving only a few bowed bass sections and Nathan's vocals remaining. Shortly after we'll send the material to Jens Bogren at Fascintion Street Studios in Sweden who will spend about 8 days mixing and mastering the material. Everyone is pleased to hear the album finally coming closer to the final form. View a short video containing odds and ends from recent studio sessions below.

We expect final dates and details regarding the Candlemass tour in May/June to trickle in soon. As soon as we hear anything new, we'll pass that along.

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